Regina Coeli Child Development Center is a
non-profit corporation, which operates Head
Start and Early Head Start programs in
southeast Louisiana.

Our program provides high-quality,
comprehensive early childhood services to
over 1,800 children and employs over 450
people in a five-parish area.

Regina Coeli's mission is to provide the
highest quality of service to children and
families through a community team effort
based on the question:

"Is it good for children?"
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Did you know?
Head Start must
generate 20% of its
budget from
volunteer time and
monetary donations.

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Every day, nearly one million children across the country walk
through the doors of their local Head Start center and begin
working, playing and learning their way toward success in
Kindergarten and in life.

October is Head Start Awareness month. Join us for 31 days of
celebrating Head Start. And this year it has special significance
because it begins a year long celebration of the 50th anniversary of
Head Start. We will be continuously posting what our centers are
doing to celebrate Head Start on our
Facebook page.  Become a Fan
and Follow us!  

If you have plans to celebrate Head Start Awareness month locally,
we’d love to hear from you! Send us your plans and ideas and we
will share them with everyone in the RCCDC community!
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